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Analog Synthesizers

The Analog Synthesizers Live Pack is a collection of Instrument Racks for Ableton Live featuring analog bass, lead, keys and FX sounds created with four “classic” synths from MOOG, Doepfer and Teisco.  The pack has been updated, and now contains 26 original multi-sampled Instrument Racks,  each with a macro for easy control over the LFO and ENV settings.


Studio Collection Live Pack

The Studio Collection features nine different melodic and percussive instruments, including an mbira, wooden frog guiro, maraca, melodica, indian flute, finger bells, plastic hand clappers, fish bell and carob bean pods. The pack contains multi-sampled, velocity layered Drum and Instrument Racks for Ableton Live and the 24 bit wav samples of each instrument.

VINYLiZER released

The Control Centre has released the VINYLiZER for Ableton Live. This multi-sampled Instrument Rack is designed to let you quickly and easily add some vinyl ‘grit & grime’ to your nice clean digital tracks. The 24 bit stereo samples are laid out across a single keyboard for fast auditioning and performance.

Yamaha Tape Drums

The Yamaha Tape Drums Drum Rack for Ableton Live features a multi-sampled, velocity layered Yamaha 9000 drum kit with vintage snare drum, hi-hats and cymbals. The kit was originally recorded on four track tape and has been digitally re-recorded and sampled without any further processing.

Doepfer DE Instrument Rack

The Control Centre has released the Doepfer DE Instrument Rack for Ableton Live. The pack contains 28 multi-sampled Instruments created with a Doepfer Dark Energy monosynth, featuring original, analogue bass. keys. lead and FX sounds from this great little box.


Teisco 60F & Brute Pack updated

The Ableton Live Instrument Racks Teisco 60F and Brute Pack have been updated to v1.0.1. Both instruments now have more patches, and feature macro controls for the LFO and Envelope sections. The Teisco 60F now contains 29 patches and 345 24 bit wav files. The Brute Pack now features 21 patches and 239 24 bit wav files.

Dangerous Orange BLUE

Dangerous Orange has released BLUE, a digital EP featuring the new tracks BLUE-D and SKiER.  To stream and download in WAV, FLAC or MP3 format click here.

Gretsch Drum Loops

The Control Centre and Nekro Dean have released Gretsch Drums, a free sample pack containing 50 drum loops captured by Dean during a recording session with a “mystery drummer”. More here

Teisco 60F

The Teisco 60F Instrument Rack for Ableton Live is a unique collection of original analog bass, keys, lead and FX sounds created with this very rare 1980’s monosynth. Twenty-nine multi-sampled Instrument Racks for Ableton Live explore the classic synthesizers many sonic possibilities, from deep bass to rhodes piano to spaced out sci-fi sounds.

Brute Pack

The Control Centre has released the Brute Pack for Ableton Live. This collection of 21 multi-sampled Instrument Racks features exclusive analog bass, lead and FX sounds that capture the raw and edgy nature of the Arturia Microbrute monosynth.


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