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New Videos


Dangerous Orange has released two new videos featuring the experimental tracks Polyphonic Drift & Harvest MOON. Watch Harvest MOON here & Polyphonic Drift here




The Outsider

OK Retro Films have released The Outsider, a short film by Younger & Poremba with a soundtrack by Dangerous Orange. The Outsider can be seen on my Youtube channel. Click here to watch now.

Analog Synthesizers

The Analog Synthesizers pack for Ableton Live has been updated with the addition of some Moog SUB37 patches. The pack now contains 26 original Instrument Racks for Live, featuring multi-sampled bass, lead, keys and FX sounds created with the classic analog synthesizers, Moog SUB37, Teisco Synthesizer 60F, Doepfer Dark Energy and Moog Opus 3.


Studio Collection

The Studio Collection pack features acoustic, melodic and percussive instruments, including mbira, frog guiro, maracas, melodica, wooden indian flute, finger bells, plastic hand clappers, a fish shaped counter bell and some carob bean pods. The pack contains nine multi-sampled, velocity layered Drum & Instrument Racks for Ableton Live.



The VINYLiZER is a multi-sampled Instrument Rack for Ableton Live designed to quickly and add some vinyl ‘grit & grime’ to your nice clean digital tracks. The rack includes 55 stereo 24 bit sampled vinyl run-in and run-off loops spread out across a single keyboard split for fast auditioning and performance.


Yamaha Tape Drums

Yamaha Tape Drums for Ableton Live features a multi-sampled, velocity layered Yamaha 9000 drum kit with vintage snare, hi-hats and cymbals. The kit was originally recorded to four track cassette in 1997 and has been digitally remastered then sampled without further processing in order to retain the sound of the original recordings.


Doepfer DE

The Doepfer DE pack features massive basses, weird leads, moving pads and eerie industrial soundscapes created with a Doepfer Dark Energy analog synthesizer. The pack contains 28 multi-sampled Instrument Racks for Ableton Live made with this awesome sounding semi-modular monosynth.


Dangerous Orange – BLUE

Dangerous Orange has released BLUE, a digital EP featuring the tracks BLUE-D and SKiER. To stream or download the BLUE EP visit the MUSIC page.

Gretsch Drum Loops

The Control Centre and Nekro Dean have released Gretsch Drums, a free sample pack containing 50 drum loops originally captured by Dean during a recording session with a “mystery drummer”, then mastered and edited at The Control Centre studio. Download from the FREE STUFF page.

Teisco 60F

The Teisco 60F for Ableton Live features a unique collection of bass, keys, lead and fx sounds created with this excellent rare 1980’s analog monosynth. The Instrument Rack includes twenty-nine multi-sampled Instrument Racks which explore the Teisco 60Fs many and varied sonic possibilities, from deep bass to rhodes piano to spaced out sci-fi and beyond.


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