This year’s  Call To Arms charity auction at KVR Audio is underway. The Control Centre has contributed three bundles to this years auction for Save The Children & Plastic Oceans Foundation.

1. TCC Synths Bundle including the Live Instrument Racks: Doepfer DE, Teisco Synthesizer 60F, Brute Pack & Analog Synthesizers

2. TCC Studio Bundle including the Live Instruments: The  Marnietron, The Mark((0))Tron, Studio Collection, Vinylizer & Instrument Collection

3 TCC Drums Bundle including the Live Drum Racks: Soundwave, The Resonator & Yamaha Tape Drums and the loop packs Tape Drums Vol 1,2 & 3


The past seven years, our audio industry have raised more than $164.000 for Save the Children through software and hardware auctions in an annual fundraising here on the forum of KVR Audio. Last year alone, we raised an amazing $37.731 breaking all former years. The time has come once again, to stand united and raise some funds for a good cause! This year with a little change:

Beside Save the Children, I am adding another non-profit to receive the funds we raise which is Plastic Oceans Foundation simply because the environment concerns me too much. So… this year we got two really great non-profit causes to raise for!

The charity starts now and all auctions end on 11:59:59 PM on October 31st 2018 Central European Time (CET).

It’s a great way to raise funds. The companies donate stuff to a good cause and you get product below market price knowing your hard-earned money goes to a good cause, giving you a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Pure win-win!

Luftrum (Charity Organiser)